African Animals Enamel Art for Wholesale

Type: Painting

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8 Years China Art Factory


The Cloisonne Enamel painting was born out of the ancient Cloisonne craft, a painting style that transplanted the royal techniques of the court to the drawing board.

Our artists make every component and element of the enamel artworks by hand. Hand-drawn outlines and fulfilling colors with eco-friendly enamel paint, combined with filigree technology make sure the luster of the paint looks beautiful and smooth. Perfect for home decor and artwork.

  • Unique enamel painting
  • Hand-drawn on tempered glass
  • Vintage Style
  • Stunning colorful
  • Framed artwork



Size: Peacock: 31.4”x31.4"/80x80CM

         Zebra: 47.2”x31.4"/80x120CM

Weight: Peacock: 11.2KG

              Zebra: 28KG

Media: Tempered glass

Frame: Stainless steel Frame

Packaging: Ships in a Box

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Over 100 artists with more than 20 years' painting or design experience are working for Vision House. We offer exclusive artwork with customizable designs. Our talented artists  make paintings and artworks in any style, like abstract art, contemporary or Classicism.

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Vision House makes every component and element of our artwork by hand ( expect printing artworks ), following the century-old techniques combined with modern solutions. Finely crafted by hand, the creation process for each artwork takes numerous hours to make sure every piece of art is distinctive and superb quality.

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